Photo by Dave Menke/USFWS
All About Eaglet Momsters
I never thought a website would develop from watching an eagle
cam, but here it is. I started watching the
NCTC Eagle Cam in
Shepherdstown, WV in March 2006. Within days, I was hooked!

The inaugural season of 2006 was nothing like I had ever
experienced. I was in awe of how these two adult eagles raised
and successfully fledged 3 eaglets.

Since then, I have developed a sincere desire to help fund the
cam operation. I created this site in order to sell merchandise to
benefit the cam and to share thoughts, information and pictures
with other eagle and raptor loving folks.

All proceeds from the sale of these quality eagle tshirts,
sweatshirts, mugs, tote bags, mouse pads, calendars and prints
will be used to help reduce the tremendous costs associated with
the live feed. There are no administrative or overhead costs to be
100% of the proceeds benefit the eagle cam!

If you would prefer to make a donation, please use the
"Make a Donation" button below.

Please check back often as new merchandise will be
continuously added!

Many Thanks to Todd Harless for the use of his beautiful pictures
on the eagle merchandise.

Eaglet Momster
Eaglet Momsters
Welcome To Eaglet Momsters
Photo by Dave Menke/USFWS
NCTC Eagles, June 12, 2006
NCTC Eagles, March 29, 2006
NCTC Eagle
Photo by Jim Clark/USFWS
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Thanks to all for your support and kind comments. We plan on starting
the cams all over again next nesting season. While there is a small
chance the adults would move on, that is unlikely-they will probably
be with this nest for many years. It is truly amazing that the three
eaglets fledged and are all still around several weeks later. These
birds have beaten tremendous odds. We have all observed and experienced
a rare event in the natural history of bald eagles.

I want to thank our technical team for really doing all of the work and
having the inspiration to get this project going--John, Jonathan, Mike,
Brad, and Keith should all be saluted for what they accomplished--this
was their baby. Our biological staff also had a big part--thanks Karen
and Steve. Thanks to Randy Robinson for researching a live cam solution
and making it happen, also thanks to our Production folks who helped.

Finally, thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support of this
project, it went beyond our wildest expectations. We do look forward to
working with you as we continue this project into the future.

Steven M. Chase
National Conservation Training Center
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
July 18, 2006
NCTC Eagle Nest
Photo by Pete Lease
NCTC Eaglet
Todd Harless/USFWS
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